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General Chatroom / Re: SOU In French Lick/West Baden
« Last post by George Lortz on Today at 09:36:16 AM »

Good to hear from you.  Items 1) and 3) were attempted with no results.  I'll get to work on 2), 4) and 5).  I also plan to put ads in the newspapers that circulate in the FL/WB area.

It's been amazing to me how little information is available about this subject.  My assumption is that it was an unimportant route for the SOU despite the fact they had both passenger and freight service to the area.

My hope is to able to write an article about the subject.  I have a track diagram of the SOU freight yards, which Cookie gave me and a few poor-quality photos and that's it so far..

George L.
Great idea...I'm ready to preorder!
Regarding Steve's great article on 2nd. generation diesels, with help from his brother Gary, we have now had four detailed article on the Monon diesel era (EMC demonstrators, F3's, 1st. generation road switchers, and now the 2nd. generation road switcher.  I have been told that in the near future we can expect an article from Ron Flanary regarding the use of Monon engines by the L&N after the merger, and then lastly another Dolzall article, this time on Monon yard engines.  When finished, these six articles will cover in detail the entire history of Monon diesel locomotives.

We also hope to one day offer these six articles for sale in a separate stand alone publication.  / Ron   
General Chatroom / Re: SOU In French Lick/West Baden
« Last post by Robert Wheeler on June 24, 2017, 04:00:02 PM »
The places I would look are:

1) The Southern Railway Historical Society (or whatever they call themselves)
2) Southern Employee Timetables for the division serving French Lick in the 1920s to about 1940s. The SOU Ry HS may be a good place to fine them. Also, The National Association of Timetable Collectors' Website may lead to a source for the timetables.
3) Books with/about Southern Ry. history.
4) About the least informative the public timetables. The Official guides may be an easy place to find them.
5) The Orange County Historical Society or  a similar group in the area

The Monon operations started 1891 (Before the Southern or its predecessor arrived)or before and continued until the line was abandoned after 1970.

General Chatroom / SOU In French Lick/West Baden
« Last post by George Lortz on June 23, 2017, 05:34:33 PM »
Does anyone know where I can find history, information and/or photos of the Southern operations in French Lick/west Baden.  I'm looking information like dates of operation and types of service.


George Lortz
General Chatroom / Miniature Wonderland
« Last post by George Lortz on June 23, 2017, 09:48:19 AM »
You may have seen this YouTube video before, but it's been updated.  Amazing!

So you think you have a great layout!!!

George L.
Company Store / Re: New PS2 Monon red covered hoppers
« Last post by Tom Kepshire on June 22, 2017, 04:36:49 PM »
Well, news has come down the pipeline that the HO and N scale PS2 hoppers are about 2 weeks away.  As soon as I received our order, they will be in the store.
Passenger Trains / Re: Great Spirit
« Last post by Pete Pedigo on June 18, 2017, 05:57:54 PM »
A builder at Pullman marked at least one of the cabinet doors in a bedroom "Great Spirit" now the "Lynne". He used a nail set and hammer writing the name as a series of dots on the edge of the door where it can not be easily seen. My wife found it when cleaning the "Lynne" a couple of years ago.
Thanks, Pete!
Yes, it runs east and west on the east side of Salem.  I have been told that Fogg siding was the longest siding on the Monon at about 9000 ft. long.

I am not sure of the year without looking as to when INRD stop using the line.  I do know that after INRD stopped utilizing their trackage rights that CSX stored hundreds of coal cars on the mainline.  Cecil Smith and I just happened to be outside of the Salem Depot about 3 years ago when a lone locomotive passed the Depot heading south.  About an hour later it returned heading north with a long string of bulkhead lumber cars that had been stored on Fogg Siding.  As far as we know that was the last of the stored cars and the last train to move over the line to Mitchell.
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