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Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update May 7, 2022
« on: May 08, 2022, 04:29:44 am »

Monon DS-50 Restoration Work Update

Update by Les Beckman
May 7, 2022

New photos for the DS-50 from May 7, 2022 at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum:

Photo 1 shows the empty track in the West Annex of the Shop where DS-50 has been sitting since her arrival at the museum.

Photo 2 shows the unit sitting outside the West Annex.

As John Wotkun watches, David Miller is seen in the 3rd shot using a Sawsall to cut the old wood flooring out of DS-50's replacement cab.

In the 4th photo, David is seen removing some of the old wood flooring.

In the afternoon, the replacement cab is moved into the Shop and placed at the end of the empty track (5th photo).

The 6th shot shows the DS-50 back on its West Annex shop track with the replacement cab positioned in place behind it.

The Monon projects continue ongoing at Hoosier Valley!

Much more still to do, but we're getting there!
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