Author Topic: Monon D7/D7a class 4-4-0's # 111 and 112 (later #80 and 81)  (Read 95 times)

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Nice article by Steve Dolzall in Vol 41:2 (May 2022) of THE HOOSIER LINE.  The builder's photo of # 111 at Brooks in 1897 and the subsequent shot of the engine in 1907, are interesting.  Steve said the most noticeable change was the location of the oil headlight, but I also noticed that the cab appeared changed or modified with the celestory appurtenance replaced and an arched window and an oval window replacing the original side window arrangement.  The roof line also looks slightly lower to me, which makes me think that it is an entirely new cab, rather than a modification.  Curious that this would occur in an engine only 10 years old, but perhaps the original cab was wood and was replaced by a steel cab.  OR, perhaps wreck damage?  The pump in front of the engineers side of the cab is also gone, apparently moved to the other side of the 4-4-0.  And of course, the builders photos shows a link and pin coupler, where by 1907 and automatic coupler had been installed on the wooden pilot.

Really neat engines.  Thanks Steve, for the article.