Author Topic: Chicago Bound Amtrak Cardinal arriving at Lafayette to pickup 70 MRHTS Members  (Read 4028 times)

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Pete Pedigo

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The Northbound Cardinal arrives at Lafayette on September 21, 2013 about 1 hour late for departure to Chicago Union Station.  70 MRHTS Convention attendees were waiting in perfect weather for the trains arrival.  Make sure the sound is turned up at the bottom of the Youtube viewer.
Pete Pedigo

Tom Kepshire

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That was a very enjoyable trip. I was raised in Lowell and have visited many times since moving away, yet it was very cool to finally see it through a passenger car window. It would have been nicer had they stopped, but you take what you get.
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Robert Gibson

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I took my first train ride on the Monon in the 50s as a Boy Scout.  We went from Lafayette to Monon and back one afternoon.  More recently my wife and I rode the Hoosier State from Indy to Chicago to catch the Empire Builder to Portland in 2006.  Thanks to Pete for setting up a wonderful day of trains rides on the old Monon.