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Ore Movements on the Monon
« on: January 03, 2016, 08:33:50 pm »
Recently, because of some Barriger photos, the su[not allowed]ect of ore car movements on the Monon came up, and as usual I turned to our old friend Bob Schultz for information.  As always, he remembered the ore cars, and shared the following recollections with me.  Thanks again Bob.


Memories!!  There were a few winters that I can remember when there were ore movements over the Monon. The first one was 1948-49; I had worked the last six weeks of the yard inspectors vacations and was back on the rip track around the middle of November.  The ore began coming shortly after that, first as 20-25 cars then 40 or more.  The first movements were on the head-end of No 73 and a 35 MPH speed limit. When the inspectors looked over the cars on arrival at So.Hammond they would leave all the journal box lids open on these cars and another carman and myself would each grab two oil cans and head out to the yard to give the ore cars a good shot .

Most of the ore moved in DM&IR cars, sometimes there were a few CNW cars, the CNW cars leaked more than the others.  The ore went to Birmingham AL via L&N.

When The Monon was notified that there were 40 or more cars of ore coming  they would run extra ore trains.

The next ore movement that I remember was around the winter 1955-56 or 1956-57. The lakes were frozen over early and the ore trains were coming through the snow. This time there were always more than 40 cars and always extra trains, This time because of the snow and cold there was a 25 MPH speed restriction.  This could have been when there were coupler problems.

Sometimes only one or two cars would arrive with the interchange and then these would always be put on the local. The air hose on the ore cars were up high and required a jumper hose connection to conventional cars.


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