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2021 E-News & Notes 24 August 2021
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Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society
 E-News & Notes
24 August 2021

Greetings Fellow Mononeers:

The last month has been exciting and we are still working on how to make the E-News & Note better.
 We rely on your participation and always look forward to your comments. We have decided to publish once a month unless some pressing issue warrants an extra edition.

•   President’s Remarks
•   $5,000.00 Matching challenge for repair and restoration of Monon Caboose 81532
•   2021 Annual Meeting location information and agenda
•   Company Store has new items for sale
•   September 11, 2021 BOD Meeting at Bedford (old Milwaukee Depot)
•   November 13, 2021 BOD Meeting at Salem (WHQ)
•   Your THL is in the mail! Please drop me a line when it arrives


Welcome to another editions of E-News & Notes.  I just wanted to give you an update on a couple of issues.

The Hoosier Line.  Our outstanding magazine, The Hoosier Line, has experienced delays in delivery for the past year.   Most of the delays affect mail distributed by the Indianapolis Post Office.  However, two mailings ago, it was the Louisville Post that experienced delivery problems.   The Board of Directors has considered mailing The Hoosier Line first class, but this would drive our cost up dramatically.   We have decided to move up the cutoff date for future issues, starting with the November issue to help offset this late delivery.  Some of us that receive mail through Indianapolis (me included) may not receive the August issue until early September.  We ask for your patience and thank you for your support.

Elections:  There are four positions open for the Board of Directors.  These are two-year terms.  The officers run for re- election each year.  All nominations have been received and the number of nominations matched the number of positions open; therefor, the elections for 2021-2022 are uncontested.   Directors reelected were Steve Long and Lee Wheeler.  Mike Benham and Don Toon are newly elected to the Board of Directors.   Your officers for the upcoming year are Jim Craig - President, Ron Simunic – Vice President, Mark Chambers – Secretary, and George Carpenter – Treasurer.  These terms begin at the annual meeting October 10, 2021, in Indianapolis.  There will be a notice placed in the November THL explaining the outcome of the elections.

E-News & Notes.  Starting with this issue of the E-News and Notes we will be attaching something from the archives.  It may be a modeling article from old THLs, or a proposed track extension, letters from Monon Railroad management, drawings, timetables or train sheets.  In this email we have attached an interesting blueprint from the office of Chief Engineer of the C.I.& l. Ry. dated 09-17-31.  The blueprint shows six bridges, three of which cross the West Fork of the White River.  Two cross the Wabash, and one crosses the East Fork of the White River.  It is in 1 inch to 100 ft scale but shows much detail, length of spans, length between piers, type of spans, low water mark and even the high-water marks of the infamous 1913 flood. (Please see accompanying PDF)

Board of Directors will meet again on Saturday, September 11 with a call to order at 1:00 p.m.   The meeting will be held in the Downtown Depot at 1401 J Street in Bedford, IN (this is the old Milwaukee Road depot which has been restored).  Everyone is welcome.  To keep up to date on board meetings, convention updates, HO models for sale, renewing memberships, and links to train shows check our website at

Thank you,

Jim Craig,
Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society
P. O. Box 91
Salem, IN 47167


Long time Society member, Bill Smith has offered to match up to $5000 any donations made for the repair restoration and repainting of Monon Caboose 81532.

It has been at least 15 years since it has been given a new coat of paint.

The caboose resides at French Lick and needs to look more presentable to match the newly liveried rollingstock of our host,
The French Lick Scenic Railway.




Monon Historical-Technical Society, Inc.
PO Box 91
Salem, IN 47167-0091

(The Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society is an IRS recognized
Not for Profit organization and your contribution is tax deductible
according to their rules)


Monon Annual Convention - October 8, 9, & 10, 2021

It is hard to believe but the Monon Railroad has been gone for 50 years.  As we try to keep the memory alive, our Annual Convention will be held in Indianapolis, IN this year.

Friday Morning, we will spend our time with some of the finest slide collections and memories available.   We will hear the history of the first Union Station in the nation and spend time in its replacement in downtown Indianapolis.  Noted historian, Brian Banta, will give a talk and slide show to start the convention at 10:30 AM at Union Station.

The registration table will be open Friday at 1:00 p.m. at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites (convention headquarters).  You will receive your convention packet and name badge(s) at this time, which will be your ticket for the weekend.  That afternoon you can relax, socialize, and shop from the Society Company Store.
Friday evening, dinner will be catered at the LaQuinta Inn.   A slide presentation by Dick Baldwin, assisted by John Fuller, will follow words from our president, Jim Craig.  The slide show will feature many Monon scenes never seen before.

Saturday morning will kick off with a slide show and reminisces by George Carpenter.  George grew up along the Monon in Bloomington and his stories are fantastic. George’s PowerPoint presentation will begin at 10:30 AM at the convention headquarters.

There is no scheduled lunch on Saturday, but there are many opportunities in downtown Indianapolis.  The Naptown and White River Model Railroad Club (  will be operating during the afternoon.  They welcome us and will operate for our benefit.  The four standing Monon stations are also within driving distance.  One can only dream of the stories they could tell.   An afternoon slide presentation by Monon member and photo collector John Fuller will fill the late afternoon.

On Saturday evening, we are invited to a catered dinner at the home of Jim Canter.  Jim has one the finest Proto 48 collections and layouts around.  This is a 5-minute drive from the LaQuinta Inn.  The cost of the meal is included in your registration fee.  You are encouraged to come, relax, renew old friendships, and watch some fine models being run on a beautiful home layout.

The MRHTS Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday morning.  Please plan to attend and possibly vote on matters that relate to the future of our Society.  The Annual Swap Meet will follow the meeting.
The Annual Convention Headquarters is the LaQuinta Inn and Suites, 5120 Victory Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46203.  The phone number for reservations is (317) 783-7751.  Ask for the Monon Society’s special rate.  Breakfast is included.
There is a Convention Registration Form insert in this issue of The Hoosier Line.
If you have any additional questions, contact Ron Simunic at or (812) 322-7306.
Hope to see you there.

Here is some additional content you might like:

A blue print of Monon bridges that spanned major rivers and creeks - you can download in here
you can download in here

A map of the Midland Junction and surrounding coal fields
you can download in here


The 2021 Monon Society Convention Kit is a re-release of the HO model kit for C.I.L. 1620-2.  This is the same car that was preserved by the Monon Society and is on display at the Monon Connection near Monon, Indiana.
C.I.L. 1620 is one of 90 cars built for the Monon by General American Transportation Corp. in August 1951.  The fleet of 50-foot boxcars with a single 8-foot door opening on each side traveled throughout North America and remained as delivered until the mid-1960’s.  During this period 6 cars received DF (damage free) load securement equipment and renumbered into the high 1700 series.  Ten more cars had their door openings equipped with plug style doors and renumbered in the 1950 series.   As cars from this series were shopped in the late 1960’s running boards were removed and A end ladders were shortened.  The B end ladders remained unchanged since they were needed to access the hand brakes which were not lowered.

These kits were especially prepared for the Monon Society by Branchline Trains (now Atlas).  They are among the most accurate styrene craftsman kits available today.  In addition to the 1620 the Monon Society offers the following car numbers form this series.

The kits are priced at $20.00+ $7.99 shipping anywhere in the USA.  Canadian purchasers please add $5.00.


Notes from the Membership Department
Jamie Stewart, Membership Services Director

Greetings fellow Monon enthusiasts!

Recently, we have had an increase in new members. We would like to thank every one of you!

Some things to keep in mind our membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

Please make sure if you have any address, email, or phone number changes that they are submitted to MRHTS PO Box 91 Salem IN 47167 or email me at
Note: A printable version of our Membership Application Form
you can download in here

2021 New members

Bruce Adams
Greg Adkins
Matt Barton
Richard Basore
Les Beckman
Michael Benham
Jim Boyer
Gregory Brown
John Butcher
Martin Buttkus
James Canter
Gary Cornwell
Mark Dallas
Mark Faust
M.L. Flannagan, Jr.
Cynthia Harris Quimby
                         Robert Hendeson
Stewart Lauterbach
Tim Malone
Tom McShannock
Martin Minner
Stephen Nelson
Baird Niceley
Larry Ratcliffe
Vernon Simpson
Richard Vonnegut
Scott Watson
Sharon Whitaker Smith
Stanley Yoder
Railfan Depot
Arthur Sturbaum

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