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Freight Train Nicknames c1949
« on: March 14, 2013, 04:34:48 pm »

I have seen a booklet at WHQ (dated October, 1949) that had names of freight trains on several if not all railroads.

ADDED/REVISED COMMENT The first entry in Rick Berg's Comment is the source I used. I did not copy the cover or all of the pages from the copy at WHQ. Also Corrected "Ben Hur" to #71 and added Ike Elston #74 Youngtown to So Hammond.

This is the only place that I saw the names and none on the operating department papers. Only the Passenger Train Names have been seen on Public (not employee) Timetables and advertising material.

They are listed in alphabetical order and not by railroad with terminal cities.
Here are some of them along with some that I recognized from other railroads. I did not copy pages that did not have Monon (CI&L) trains.

Names are in regular type Nicknames are in Italics.

The Monon Railroad or correctly CI&L trains are listed by their actual terminals and not the cities. e.g. South Hammond instead of Chicago which the listing shows.

Abe Martin CI&L #91 South Hammond or Monon to Belt Junction

The Ball
or The Cannon Ball NYNH&H #BH1/HB2 Boston - New York
Ben Harrison CI&L #90 Belt Junction to Monon or South Hammond
Ben Hur C&NW #280-180 Ishipeming, MI to Proviso, IL
Ben Hur CI&L#71 South Hammons to South Hammond

George Ade CI&L #73 South Hammond to Youngtown 

Hoosier Hotshot NYC #IND BF1 DeWitt, NY to Indianapolis
Hoosier Special NYC #BFNY East St. Louis to DeWitt, NY

Ike Elstonn CI&L #74 Youngtown to South Hammond

James Brooks CI&L #75 South Hammond to Youngtown
John Purdue CI&L #72 Youngtown to South Hammond

Kanawha NYC #TN6 Toledo to Dickinson, WV (Near Charleston, WV)

Lew Wallace CI&L #70 Youngtown to South Hammond

Mononeer CI&L #56 Youngtown (or Shops) to Round House
Mononette CI&L #57 Round House to (Shops or) Youngtown

Note that all were nicknames and at the time of this listing trains 90 &91 ran between South Hammond and Belt Junction and trains 56 and 57 ran between Round House (Michigan City) and Youngtown
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Re: Freight Train Nicknames c1949
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Ron Marquardt

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Re: Freight Train Nicknames c1949
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2013, 06:55:00 pm »
I believe these names were used by the Freight & Passenger Sales Departments for advertising purposes.  None of these trains ever officially carried these designations.  I can guarantee you the yardmaster at McDoel never once rang my room in Bloomington, and said "you're called for the Lew Wallace at 11:30 PM"  LOL, / Ron

PS, from Bob's list it appears that the hottest freight on the railroad, Train #71, didn't have a name. 

Rick Dreistadt

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Re: Freight Train Nicknames c1949
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2013, 07:24:30 pm »
The only train I ever heard a name for was No. 56, called "the Owl".  I suppose that was because of his early departure from Shops, usually about 3 or 4 AM